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Safety Masks

Get safety mask with N95 Rating | Sanetized safety masks goes through evaoporation process to keep it germ and Virus free.

Total Sanitization Kit

This kit is the combination of Mask, Sanitizer, Gloves to keep you safe from any type of deadly viruses. It includes three products in one pack.


Soap and water can not be always with you. Use Sanitizer to be safe. Prevent yourself from COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

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ARPGroup is one the most trusted medical equipment and IT Services provider in the industry.

Ravish Punia— Founder & CEO.

We specialize in bringing some of the best technical minds in the world to your Information Technology projects with our Digital Marketing  & Networking Services.

Quality is our main priority and this is our USP also. We are well known for our quality control and services. Proudly we did not get a single complaint about our product’s quality.

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